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Ja, en?

Gisteren was ik in een speeltuin. Ik stond in de rij voor de kabelbaan. Achter mij stond een meisje van een jaar of 7. Eerst begon ze te vertellen hoe leuk het in Turkije op vakantie te zijn, omdat het er zo warm is. Toen zei ik: “Ja, maar het wordt steeds warmer door klimaatverandering en dat is heel slecht”. – “Ja, maar dan kun je wel lekker zwemmen!” zei ze toen.

– Err…weet je wel wat klimaatverandering is? – vroeg ik

– Nee, zei ze toen.

Toen heb ik haar verteld over CO2. “Ja, en?” zei ze toen. “Maar de aarde gaat daardoor dood!” zei ik. Ze keek me aan en zei “ja” op zo een manier alsof dat goed was.

Ik begrijp niet waarom ze zo een serieuze crisis (dat we zelfs verteld hebben waarom het een serieuze crisis is) niet serieus neemt.


We are a family from Amsterdam who moved to Antwerp to homeschool our gifted son because homeschooling is illegal in The Netherlands. The blog, started in March 2016, was originally created to register our homeschooling experiences, mainly about our son and later also about his little sister as she gets older. Over the years, however, most of my entries have gravitated towards exploring together with Simon as he has developed an insatiable passion for programming, math and science. We have continued to expose him to a great variety of subjects: he has been learning piano and Chinese since age four, has been taking private lessons in French since we homeschool, he likes swimming. Yet it looks like math (and in a broader sense - patterns and systems) is his true calling. He has been teaching himself programming, machine learning, math and physics in a very disciplined, devoted fashion, and has already impressed several professionals with his depth, determination and perseverance. To learn more about Simon also check out his website Simon's younger sister Neva also has her own blog at where she is mainly planning to write about her concerns around plastic pollution and climate change.

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