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Ik ben een WNF Ranger geworden!

Ik help met geld verzamelen om de zee te reinigen van plastic in de Koraaldriehoek (in Azië) en de schildpadden de redden. Ga naar mijn actiepagina om een klein bedragje te doneren of sms BENDE SSSN naar 4333 (dan doneer je automatisch 3 euro) voor 15 oktober!

Hier staat waar het geld naartoe gaat:


This is a blog about Simon, a young mathematician and programmer, and his little sister Neva. We write this blog together, share their projects and thoughts on their journey towards self-dicovery. They’re growing up in a supportive non-coercive learning environment. We deeply believe in interest-based, self-paced education and have had to move countries to make this possible as a family. Visit Simon’s website at We are a family from Amsterdam who moved to Antwerp because homeschooling is illegal in The Netherlands. This blog started as in March 2016. Over the years, most of our entries have gravitated towards exploring together with Simon as he has developed an insatiable passion for programming, math and science. His sister Neva is treading on his heals. We changed or name to Geeks of the Box in May 2021.

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